Flattery Bribery, Gold, Watches, Jewellery……and Camels
A behind the scenes glimpse of the unglamourous, the challenging, the eye-popping and the ridiculous world of a travelling quilter. This is a PowerPoint presentation.

The Silk Road – a modern journey along an ancient route
A long journey that I took recently by modern forms of transport, (not camels), along this well-trod path by ancient traders was revealing, thought provoking and inspirational. Many of the crafts are still carried out using the techniques of centuries ago but against a modern background and employing a contemporary twist to the age-old skills. Join me on a tour around Uzbekistan and dip into the weaving, pottery and fashions of the country. This is a PowerPoint presentation.

A Creative Journey to the Roof of Africa
The story in words, images and quilts of my inspirational climb to the top of Kilimanjaro and the resulting award-winning quilt ‘From Addis to Kili : From Dawn to Dusk’. This is a PowerPoint presentation.

Around the World in Eighty Quilts
Travels can be strong influences in your quiltmaking. Come on a creative journey and learn how I make my colour selections and design decisions to reflect the quality of the places I visit. This is a PowerPoint presentation.

Aspects of India
The palaces, the patterns, the colours and the people of India have influenced my quilt making in a new way. Join me in this gentle introduction to the exotic and the unexpected aspects of this amazing country. This is a PowerPoint presentation.

Design Tips for inspired Quilts
Travels are inspiring in so many ways. You arrive home with so many thoughts and you really want to make a quilt…….but inspiration drains when you can’t quite get started. This talk will tell you what inspires me on my travels worldwide, how I organise my thoughts and ideas and then move onto the design process to produce thought provoking and award-winning quilts. Join me to get a glimpse into my creative process and apply that to your own creativity. This is a PowerPoint presentation.

From Trash to Treasures – Inspired by the Textiles and Crafts People of Ghana
I will transport you virtually to far flung places and describe how artists and craftworkers in very underprivileged parts of the world combine their resourcefulness with what is available to them locally to produce fabulous textiles and artworks. Travelling the length and breadth of Ghana brought me into contact with textile artists, beadmakers, basket makers and potters. From virtually nothing, these makers produce high quality fabrics and artefacts. Their work and craftsmanship have in turn influenced and shaped my textile work. Follow me through a design process and at the end of the lecture I will show some of the artists’ works alongside my art quilts. This is a PowerPoint presentation.

For all talks the group needs to provide a digital projector, screen, blackouts and two tables.

Fees for Workshops and Talks are available on application.